ShadowKeep was formed in March 1999 in Surrey, England when belgian vocalist pocketoption Rogue M. joined a pair of songwriting guitarists: Chris Allen and Nicki Robson. Their search for the perfect voice to complement their powerful compositions inspired by the likes of Fates Warning and Queensrÿche had finally come to an end.

Three weeks later Allen, Robson and Rogue M. were in the studio working on 2 tracks that were crafted to become Metal anthems: Inner Sanctum .and fan favourite Dark Tower . Putting together a team of skillful musicians, the trio then arranged for ShadowKeep to enter Karl Groom and Clive Nolan’s Thin Ice Studio in October the same year.

Following the instant success of the release of the 6 tracks recorded on the well-known site, it became obvious that a limited run of 2000 units of the EP would be necessary to satisfy the overwhelming orders from independent record shops all over the world. It seemed that the 35 minutes long EP with its incredibly intense yet melodic Power Metal was what the fans of the genre had been waiting for.

The self-financed 6-track mini-album .resulting from the sessions was to unleashed ShadowKeep’s potential at full speed and allow how does pocket option work them to achieve every musicians dream: to sign a contract with a key player in the industry, namely Limb Music Products (LMP) in just 6 months and barely over a year following their first meeting.

After further sessions at the Thin Ice Studio in June 2000, additional material was finally ready for the first full lenght CD of the band and on September 18 2000, the release date in Germany, the wait of thousands of hungry fans and journalists was brought to an end. Raving reviews of Corruption Within quickly popped up everywhere on the internet and in magazines but this is history.

The quality of the songwriting and musicianship found in ShadowKeep has been outlined continuously by the press and the Metal fans in many ways and styles but with a successful mini-tour behind them, the support slot for the legendary Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford gracefully handled and the constant high standard of professionalism of their shows, it is an understatement to say that pocket option promo the band’s energetic live performances are always events not to be missed.

The recent addition of Steve Scott (bass) and Scott Higham (drums) to the core Allen/Robson/Rogue M. has been perceived by many as a clever move to ensure that the follow-up to “Corruption Within” , currently entitled “Symmetry” .lives up to the expectations of their audience. We are sure it will.

2002 will be a year to watch for all the ShadowKeep fans and for the others, still unfamiliar with the most appreciated newcomer of this new millenium…